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Flame retardant PP is the best material choice for mobile power supply housing

Jan. 01, 70

Digital products such as smart phones and tablets with large capacity are becoming more and more popular in our daily life, which also directly drives the development of rechargeable power (mobile power). Mobile power can charge digital devices at any time, and its small and lightweight characteristics provide us with great convenience. The necessary mobile power supply for camping in the wild is also popular now!

However, in the reports of the Internet and major media, we often see some negative news about the spontaneous combustion and explosion of mobile power supplies, which also shows that there are certain hidden dangers in the use of mobile power supplies.

In mobile power supply, the shell is the one we most often touch. It is also our first impression of the whole mobile power supply when we buy products. The housing can also protect the cell and circuit board from damage during daily use.

At present, the housings of mobile power supplies in the market can be basically divided into two categories: metal and plastic. Due to the need of cost and convenience, most of the mobile power supplies on the market use lightweight, cheap, beautiful and easy to process plastic housings, and most of them are ABS or ABS / PC plastic materials, which have characteristics of impact resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, good surface gloss, etc., and are easy to paint and color, and can also be used for surface spraying, electroplating and other operations.

Although PC / ABS is widely used in mobile power supply housings because of its good impact resistance, heat resistance and surface gloss, there are still huge safety hazards. The PC main chain in PC / ABS contains a benzene ring, which can be condensed into aromatic carbon during combustion and can self extinguish. However, a large amount of melt in combustion will drop during combustion; When ABS burns, it will produce strong black smoke and suffocating smell, which is why the ordinary mobile power supply shell will produce thick black smoke and be accompanied by a large number of burning drops after it is ignited, and these burning drops will cause the burning of surrounding clothes, floors, bags and other items, thus causing a larger fire. Strong black smoke and smell will directly lead to people's suffocation and death, so there is a great potential safety hazard.

The key to the safety of mobile power supply enclosure is the choice of flame retardant materials

Because of the defects of raw materials, PC / ABS and ABS with flame retardants have been developed. However, due to the high cost and low flame retardancy level, there are still some shortcomings in the application, so it is difficult to be widely used in the housing of mobile power supplies.

Moreover, the PC / ABS developed will be eliminated by the market if its flame retardant performance does not meet the standard. What is the material of the mobile power supply housing with good quality and high cost performance? It is really worth the common attention of the mobile power supply housing manufacturers and modified plastic manufacturers.

Polystone chemical flame retardant PP should be the first choice for the shell material of the next generation mobile power supply

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Since its establishment, Jushi chemical has undertaken many provincial and municipal level science and technology projects every year. At present, it has a number of invention patents for core technologies of flame retardant materials at home and abroad. We have been committed to the development of halogen-free flame-retardant and environmentally friendly flame-retardant materials industry, and have realized the industrial transformation from domestic sales to export sales through global operation. Through technological innovation and product innovation, we have constantly maintained high technology content and high added value of products.

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