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low smoke zero halogen cables used in any occasion

Jan. 01, 70

Low- smoke halogen-free cable is a very environmentally friendly cable. It has the advantages of good smoke density, no corrosive gas release, and long service life. What occasions are low- smoke halogen-free cables used in?


1. JGJ242-2011 "Residential Electricity" stipulates that low-smoke, low-toxic flame-retardant cables should be used for exposed cables in high-rise residential buildings.

For the first-class high-rise residential buildings with 19 floors and above, the emergency lighting of public evacuation passages shall use low-smoke halogen-free flame-retardant cables. For Class II high-rise residential buildings with floors 10 to 18, low-smoke halogen-free flame-retardant cables should be used for emergency lighting of public evacuation passages.

In densely crowded environments such as underground passenger transport or commercial facilities, fire safety circuits need to be enhanced, and flame-retardant cables with low smoke and toxicity should be selected.

For other important industrial and public facilities power supply and distribution circuits, when it is necessary to enhance fire safety, flame-retardant cables or low-smoke, low-toxicity flame-retardant cables can also be used.

2. JGJ16-2008 "Civil Regulations": For buildings with high fire protection requirements such as high-rise buildings and important public places, flame-retardant low-smoke halogen-free cross-linked polyethylene insulated power cables, wires or smoke-free halogen-free power cables should be used. Power cables, wires.

3. JGJ354-2014 "Gymnasium": The conductor insulation type of sports buildings should be selected according to the laying method and environmental conditions, and should meet the following requirements: super-grade and grade-A sports buildings, or super-large and large-scale stadiums with low smoke and low smoke Poisonous; Class B and Class C sports buildings, or medium-sized stadiums with low smoke and low toxicity; other grades of sports buildings with low smoke and low toxicity.

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Summary: Low-smoke halogen-free cables are used in places:

(1) Class I high-rise buildings and important public places;

(2) Cables laid in high-rise residential buildings;

(3) Large and medium-sized shopping malls;

(4) Large and medium-sized stadiums;

(5) Museums;

(6) Large-scale transportation buildings (airports, stations)

(7) Financial buildings;

(8) Educational buildings;

(9) Medical buildings.

(10) Exhibition building

(11) Buildings for the elderly

The fields of application of low-smoke halogen-free cables are mainly concentrated in large-scale engineering and high-tech fields. For example: railway, subway, automobile, etc. When building the railway network in our country, low-smoke halogen-free products are used for traction cables, signal cables, and control cables to ensure the safety of passengers. The newly built subway projects in various places are no exception, and all use low-smoke halogen-free products. The automotive field has also begun to recognize the importance of LSZH products, and most wiring uses LSZH cables.

In daily life, low-smoke halogen-free cables are widely used in nuclear power plants, subway stations, telephone exchanges and computer control centers, high-rise buildings, hotels, radio and television stations, important military facilities and oil platforms, etc., as well as places where people are more concentrated and low air density.

The above is the analysis of the use of low-smoke halogen-free cables. 

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