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How does polypropylene (pp) need to be modified for use in the automotive field?
How does polypropylene (pp) need to be modified for use in the automotive field?

There are two main problems in the wide use of PP in the automotive field: it is easy to burn (it will drip off the burning material) and the low temperature environment is brittle. In response to...

Aug. 20, 2021

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Development history of blended biodegradable plastics

Blended and molded biodegradable plastics: a type of plastic material that is made from natural polymers such as starch, cellulose, plant fiber, lignin, and chitin, or added with additives through va...

20, 2021 Aug.

Characteristics of burning polymer materials

The unique structure, easy modification and easy processing of polymer materials make it have excellent properties that other materials can't compare and can't replace, so they are widely used in var...

12, 2021 Aug.

Common quality problems of modified plastics and their solutions

The main production equipment of modified plastics is a twin-screw extruder, and the common production process is: ingredients, mixing, extrusion, k-strand, cooling, all pellets, and packaging. Comm...

12, 2021 Aug.

The characteristics of nylon PA and the selection points of injection screw

The characteristics of PA are as follows: Crystalline plastics have many types and different types, their melting points are also different, and the melting point range is narrow, the viscosity is...

07, 2021 Aug.

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