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How to maintain the screw of the injection molding machine?
How to maintain the screw of the injection molding machine?

The screw is an important part of the injection molding machine. The screw of the injection molding machine works under high temperature, high pressure, high mechanical torque and high friction envi...

Jul. 21, 2021

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Should flame-retardant PP choose halogen-free or halogenated?

Polypropylene flame retardants can be divided into halogen-containing and halogen-containing. Correspondingly, flame-retardant PP can also be divided into halogen-containing flame-retardant PP a...

21, 2021 Jul.

What is the optimal length of glass fiber modified plastic?

With the continuous advancement of automobile lightweight, people are paying more attention to glass fiber reinforced modified plastics. But what is the optimal length of glass fiber modified plasti...

15, 2021 Jul.

How to use the right additives to make PP modification achieve the effect you want?

What kind of PP modification effect can be achieved when using different additives for modified pp? 1. Selection of additives: (1) Select additives according to the purpose to be achieved; select...

09, 2021 Jul.

Cable flame retardant performance standards, grades and test content

1. The fire safety technical indicators of flame-retardant cables are different from European and American fire protection concepts: the main technical indicators related to fire safety of cables a...

09, 2021 Jul.

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