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Thermoplastic low-smoke HFFR polyolefin

Product description: Thermoplastic low-smoke halogen-free flame retardant polyolefin

Main application: Type-B engineering cable sheath (applicable wire gauge diameter above 10mm, not applicable to network cable)

Flammability rating: Meet the requirement of type B bunched cable burning.

Temperature class: 90℃

Features: It is processed from polyolefin resin with inorganic environmentally friendly flame retardant and other additives. Excellent mechanical properties, electrical properties, flame retardant performance, and processing performance. 

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Product Introduction

EP8400S90K-5 is formed by mixing, milling and granulating of polyolefin resin combined with environmental inorganic flame retardant additives and other additives, having excellent Mechanical properties, flame retardant performance and processing performance..

Thermoplastic low-smoke HFFR polyolefin

EP8400S90F-J3-1- Low Smoke Halogen-free Flame Retardant Polyolefin Compound

Product Feature

Needle Flame Tester

Wire & Cable

Application: Type-B engineering cable sheath (applicable wire gauge diameter above 10mm, not applicable to network cable)

Multiple certification guarantee
Reach Certification,
RoHs Certification,
ISO9001:2015 Certification,
IATF16949:2016 Certification, etc.

Cable bunched burning


Flame retardant performance: Meet the requirement of type B bunched cable burning.

Temperature: 90°C

Characteristic: Good flame retardant performance, excellent mechanical properties, electrical properties and processing performance.

Property Index
PropertiesTest StandardsUnitsTypical Value
DensityASTM D 792g/cm31.47
Shore hardness DASTM D 2240--53
Tensile StrengthIEC 60811-1-1MPa13.5
Elongation at break%173
Aging 110℃×240hTensile Strength after agingIEC 60811-1-2MPa13.1
Elongation at Break after aging%165
-25℃ low temperature impactIEC 60811-1-4Pass

Combustion performance

PropertiesTest StandardsUnitsTypical Value
Oxygen indexASTM D2863%35
Smoke densityFlamingASTM E-66264
pHIEC 60754-25.4
Electrical conductivityμS/mm1.7
Toxicity indexNES 713-19851
Halogen acid gas contentIEC 60754-1mg/g≤5


PropertiesTest StandardsUnitsTypical Value
Dielectric strengthIEC 60243kV/mm38
Resistivity at(20℃)IEC 60093Ω.m4.3×1012
Heat shock resistance130℃,1h, load 2kg--Pass

Remark: The above laboratory test data are just for reference only; It's not a basis for quality assurance.



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