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DEG-101A Biodegradable Material


Product description: PBAT+PLA; industrial compost, difficult to deform after bearing a load, high transparency

Main application: Garbage bags, outer packaging bags, shopping bags, trash bags, etc.

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Product Introduction

Products Introduction: All organic components of DEG-101A can be degraded. DEG-101A can be processed on various types of film blowing machines, printing machines, bag making machines and sealing machines. Compared with the DEG-100 series, the film material produced by DEG-101A is relatively hard, relatively difficult to deform after being loaded, and has improved transparency.


Fully biodegradable bags(customizable)


Fully biodegradable bags(customizable)

Product Feature

Blown Film1


Application: Garbage bags, outer packaging bags, shopping bags, etc.

Multiple certification guarantee
ISO9001:2015 Certification,
IATF16949:2016 Certification, etc.

Blown Film2

Modified Blown Film Material

Density: 1.35-1.37

Characteristic: The membrane material is relatively hard, not easy to deform after load bearing, and has high transparency.

Property Index
PropertiesTest StandardsUnitsTypical Value
AppearanceNA.NA.Light yellow cylindrical/elliptical particles
DensityISO 1183g/cm31.35-1.37
Melt index (190℃/2.16kg)ISO 1133g/10min11
Measured film thicknessNAmm0.025
Film tensile strength (longitudinal)GBT 1040.3-2006-3/ ISO 527-3:1995(2type)MPa33
Film tensile strength (transverse)26
Film elongation at break (longitudinal)%350
Film elongation at break (transverse)630
The maximum load-bearing capacity of the finished bag(460mm*(310+155)mm*0.025mm),>24hKg8-10

Remark: The above laboratory test data are just for reference only; it's not a basis for quality assurance.



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