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“Competitiveness by offering top quality products and unique services”, Polyrocks Chemical Co., Ltd grows and prospers along with the customers.

Polyrocks Chemical Co., Ltd founded in June 2007, is a world-class environmental halogen-free flame retardants and halogen-free flame retardant plastics specialist. Polyrocks locates at Xiongxing Industrial Park, High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province, mainly researches, produces and distributes environmental halogen-free flame retardants, environmental halogen-free flame retardant thermoplastic plastics, halogen-free flame retardant wire & cable materials and other environmental flame retardant materials and compound plastics.

Polyrocks Chemical Co., Ltd has a capacity of producing 100,000 tons of flame retarded compound plastics and 10,000 tons of flame retardants. We have developed six families of environmental halogen-free flame retardants, environmental flame-retarded resin, environmental halogen-free flame retardant materials of wire & cable, reinforced toughness compound resin, functional master batches and elastomeric, which are widespread used in household appliances, decorative lighting, wire & cable, OA communication, electrical & electronics etc…