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[Plastic] Braiding – Winding – Pultrusion Process of Composite Pipes

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A continuous braiding- winding- pultrusion process was presented. By analyzing the geometrical structure of composite pipe around the pultrusion die, the yarn linear change relationships of braiding layers and winding layers before and after through pultrusion die were got.

A kind of linear design which can let each fiber line of the pipe under uniform stress war provided. The winding and braiding linear were respectively designed by taking the fiber line change relationship of winding layer and braiding layer before and after getting into pultrusion die and the pipe design requirement into consideration. The multi-standard composite pipes based on the designed linear were produced. Through comparative analysis of yarn theory angle with the actual measurement data, the braiding angle error is less than the winding angle error of the same size pipe is found, error angles can be controlled under 1.5 ℃, the angle error rate is less than 3% and the error decreases with increasing pipe thickness. The more larger pipe size, the theory value of the braiding angle and the winding angle will the more close to the actual angle. The analysis of pipe ultrasound scan of the specimens shows that the pipe has no obvious defects and no obvious crack between the different yarns. It proves that design of yarn linear is reasonable.