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[Plastic] Anti-yellowing Property of Polycarbonate Processing

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In order to study the anti-yellowing methods of polycarbonate processing, the PC speciments with different trade mark antioxidants and titanium dioxide were prepared by extrusion melt blending. The changes in yellowness index and blu-ray brightness of PC specimens before and after thermal aging were studied.

The role of adding ultramarine to cover yellow on the PC specimens was investigated. The effects of different trademark antioxidant on the thermal stabilities of PC specimens thermal stabilities were analyzed by thermal gravimetric analysis and the structural change before and after thermal aging was analyzed by means of FTIR. The results show that the addition of antioxidants and titanium dioxide R-TC 30 have a better heat afing synergies. PC specimens adding a small amount of ultramarine can reduce the YI of PC specimens. The thermal stability of PC specimen by adding the antioxidant 627A is better than that of PC specimens by adding the antioxidant 1076. FTIR analysis shows that PC specimens yellowing phenomenon is caused by PC thermal aging decomposition which occurs in the end group and side group fracture, and the occurrence of fries rearrangement phenomena leads to yellow substances.