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[Plastic] Flame Retardant Material Industry is Moving towards Ecofriendly

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With the rapid development of flame resistant material industry, China gradually began to encourage a high-end development in this industry. The production of flame retardants in China reached 750 thousand ton in 2013, the production of ATO, phosphonium flame retardants, brominated flame retardants, magnesium oxides, aluminum oxides and highly-resistant materials has ranked among the leading countries.

In recent years, with the raised awareness of environmental protection, the environmental-friendly flame retardants have become the development trends of flame retardant technology. The European Union issued instructions like WEEE and ROHS, requiring all the electric and electronic equipment launched in European Union market to reach their environmental protection standards.

As a big country in material production, high molecular material has an important position in the whole industry. Therefore, developing green flame retardant technology for high molecular material is a key subject.